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The Day I …

23 Aug , 2017  

Tired but not knocked out

It was a peaceful night outside… I laid in my bed at midnight listening to some worship music (Never Lost – Rita Springer & Catherine Mullins) on repeat. Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am a repeater – by accident and on purpose. This night, it was on purpose. I even jumped on Instagram to post a picture about the song. About 15 mins go by and something shift in my heart and mind. I was completely discontent with just about everything. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and that I needed to get away. For me, my favorite times with Jesus is when I drive and it’s just him and I. I jumped in my car and start driving while still listening to the worship song on repeat. As I started to drive from my house, it started to lightly rain and drizzle. I ended up at a Walmart. It was here that forever changed my night.

It was about 12:30 am, August 16th, 2017… and I screamed at God. In prayer, I began to explicitly and passionate scream about my situation and how I felt. I laid everything that was in and on my heart. Every feeling, emotion, doubt, brokenness, hurt and concern. I admitted my struggle with not feeling God near in times of uncertainty, lack of faith with seemingly unanswered prayers, feelings of tiredness (mentally, spiritually and physically). It was after this moment that I felt a nudge of the Spirit. I begin singing the song I was listening to as a declaration over my life. The chorus of the song says this:

Wind, listen to the sound of power on my lips
Jesus has broken the curse, He has never lost a battle
Who are you great mountain, that you should not bow low
Jesus defeated the darkness, He has never lost a battle

Immediately started to cry as I began to sing these words not just out of my mouth and heart… but from my spirit. My lamentation slowly became my praise. After about listening to the song all the way through in silence, I changed the song to King of My Heart. I started praising Jesus for the victory before it happens as well as thanking him for what he is doing in my life and what he has already done. I listened to this song two more times before changing the song to a Spontaneous Medley by Daniel Bashta. While leaving from the Walmart parking lot, I felt at peace and was able to go to sleep when I got home. It was probably the best night’s rest in a long time. Fast-forward to 6:30 pm that same day…

My pastor at the church calls an impromptu prayer meeting that he felt the Lord whispering for the church and what was next for our context of ministry. I went in, tired and hungry for the Spirit of God and natural food! I went to the altar just to kneel and sit as I soak in God’s presence. This song that I have never heard, Extravagant by Bethel Music came on. As I was praying and listening to the words I begin to get teary-eyed. One of my best friends came over and just passionately prayed over me hope, strength and fulfilled promises. The song changed to I Need You More by Kim Walker-Smith. I haven’t heard this song in years, so I started to sing it out loud. My pastor came over as I was just sitting down on the floor and laid hands on me. He asked if I would stand and begin to speak life into me. He prayed over me hope, fulfilled promises and endurance for the journey. While all of this was going on, I received text messages from two other best friends who responded to my earlier text about prayer and my experience the night before.

Thank you Jesus

I said all this to say… this journey with Christ is not always easy or even pretty but it is worth it. We have to be vulnerable with Jesus and others we trust. God doesn’t grow apathetic or emotionally disconnected to our situations. God is not easily offended when we approach him with our cares, cries, laughter or even screams. He can take our issues! This was what made King David so near and dear to God, that God called him a man after his own heart. David gave everything to God – good, bad and ugly. In seasons of good & joy, seasons of weakness & failures and seasons of uncertainty, David honored God with being vulnerable and honest. This is what it means to be in an authentic relationship.

As I am writing this is what the Spirit of the Lord is saying:

The voice of fear, doubt, and hopelessness may be screaming loud in your mind but the voice of Jesus whispers a louder word in your heart and spirit. His voice says you are loved, not forgotten and filled with hope. His voice says “I have never lost a battle and I won’t lose one now. I will fight for you and you will overcome – just as I have overcome the world. Keep believing, keep enduring and keep declaring… my faithful son and daughter!”

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The Road Not Taken

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The Road Not Taken

21 Mar , 2017  

***Posted this on my Facebook last Friday and wanted to go into some more detail.***

When Pharaoh finally let the people go, God DID NOT LEAD them along the main road that runs through Philistine territory, even though that was the SHORTEST route to the Promised Land. God said, “If the people are faced with a battle, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.” — Exodus 13:17

Sometimes the shortest distance and timeframe is not the best. A wise person once said,”if it’s easy to obtain, it’s easy to lose.” If the people would have gone on the main road (shortest distance) towards the promise land, they would have been easier to spot from Pharaoh… hence face opposition and return to slavery. Often times, the waiting process or journey proves the character and integrity not just of the person, but of the calling.

Young Person & Leaders – Our calling is worth the extra mile… worth not shortcutting or cheating our way, worth the necessary process, and worth the learning experiences. We have a God who will lead us and direct the path. Trust the narrow road he has us on. Psalm 16:11 & Psalm 37:4-5 proves so true, in times of doubt, struggle and taking the “main road” of life.

The waiting process proves the character & integrity not just of the person, but of the calling. Click To Tweet

This reminds me of my favorite poem by Robert Frost entitled “The Road Not Taken.” I wonder how easy it would have been for the people of Israel to take the main road. How much time it would have saved them. I think often how easy it is for us today to go the simple and easy route in life. Life usually presents us with 2 choices – the choice of ease and the less resistance or the choice risk and pressure.

I love how even in Robert’s poem at the end he says, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” This man is faced with a decision to either go where few have been or trot down the beaten path. His decision was to choose the road that only a few have gone, and for him, that made all the difference.

Whatever journey in life you are on… know that God is with you and he has you on the best path for your benefit and for his glory.

Life usually presents us with 2 choices - the choice of ease or the choice risk! Click To Tweet

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Father’s Day Mind Dump

19 Jun , 2016  

First I want to wish my father, Eugene Gibson as blessed Father’s Day. Also wishing all the other dads a blessed day. Enjoy the day. I have a few folks who keeps asking about me and what’s next, so in a effort to keep everyone abreast, here it goes:

  1. Finishing up my last few weeks here in Kalamazoo MI. Kalamazoo has been good and I have met a lot of lifelong friends but it’s time to move on. I will be moving at the beginning of July to head to Alabama to spend some time with some dear friends for a few weeks resting. The plan is to transition from there to my next assignment and church God calls me to. I fully expect to dig roots and build community wherever God leads me next and that includes longevity in the grace (calling) that God releases over my life..
  2. I have had some really great interviews over the last 2 months with churches in MI, FL, GA, TX and CA. As of now I have 2 more coming up. I am really, REALLY excited about a possible church and partnering with them to bringing revival to their church, community, city and schools. Praying for God’s best for me and the next church. I always say, “Waiting is the hardest and also the beneficial!”
  3. I always get asked this in interviews or by other people – “What’s God teaching you in this season of life?” My answer is always – “He is teaching & redefining what a Good Father he is and that he has good gifts/things for me. That it’s okay to ask & seek for those gifts. I am knowing him more personally, beyond what Scripture says and what others say!”
  4. Often times, when I go walking in the evenings, I am just enamored by his presence while I am worshipping and walking.
  5. I am clinging to healthy and positive encouragement. I seek that and enjoy it. I have surrounded myself around people who speak life into me and want the best for me. Regardless of family or friendship, this is important to me. This season is proving to shine a light on those who I call friend.
  6. Staying positive about my schoolwork and completing my Bachelors Degree. This is still a priority and I am excelling  at it in my grades.
  7. I returned home at the end of May to celebrate my birthday with family & interview with a church but more importantly, honor someone who meant a lot to me. She was like a 2nd mother to me for a long time, and I was apart of 2 of 3 sons weddings (Groomsmen & Officiant). I have known their family for 16 years. Still trying to process her death. I know this without a doubt… that if it wasn’t for her and her belief in/support of me, I would not be in ministry today. And for that, I am forever thankful. Thank You Janine A. Owen!



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The Fall Collection

4 Jan , 2015  

The Fall Collection

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The Lovesick Longing

24 Jun , 2014  

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.” – Proverbs 13:12

When God delays the answers (results) to our prayers, we can become disappointed and dismayed. When our hope (expectation/desire) is delayed or deferred, then our heart becomes sick with despair. Our prayers and life itself can only be sustained and energized by active intimacy with Jesus. He knows the intricate details of our heart and the voids that needs to be filled with more of him. The hardest part about these delays or meantime journeys is the waiting. The waiting proves to be a place of joy during the times of deferment. No matter the season of life we are in, we must remain satisfied with God and never forget his goodness, even when we don’t see it, hear it or feel it.

The Shulamite women in Song of Solomon 5:8 charged the women of the city with passion… “If you find my Lover, please tell him that I am lovesick for him.” This is a cry for those who sense the Lord is not near, to remind the ones who may encounter Jesus, that they are lost and madly in love with him to the point of sickness. And that him being near is the only relief. The beauty of this is that she, the Shulamite women went searching for her Lover, Solomon (a shadow of Jesus), through the dark night and even being ravished by other men she continued the long search. When the “Dark Night of the Soul” comes and it comes to everyone, are we still willing to draw near to our Lover, Jesus? Are we still willing to forsake everything so that we may find him? Are we in a place to say – I AM LOVESICK… Though it looks hopeless, He is my desire!

My personal prayer for you and myself is that we will lean in closer to Jesus when we feel and see the delay and are in this meantime journey of life. That we can boldly say we are Lovesick for Jesus and he’s our everything and not just say it but live it with our actions/choices! So continue to hope and pray for those things that you want and desire, continue to draw near to the Lord in joy for he will accomplish his perfect work in and through us if we remain near. God wants to awaken your passion for him as you reclaim your adventures in chasing after him. Enjoy the chase!


Ephesians 3:17-18
Proverbs 13:12
Song of Solomon 2:5/SS 3:1-5/SS 5:2-8
Phil 1:9-11
Hosea 12:6

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Allured Towards Love

19 Mar , 2012  

This past Tuesday, I gave the message for theExchange Young Adult services as a guest speaker. The whole message was centered on being allured back into the desert by God – for LOVE. The restored bride will have a clear Bridal Paradigm and will ultimately understand her identity. We know this as the “Divine Betrothal” for the end of the age.

God wants to make our valleys of trouble a place (or opportunity) of hope, so there is a learning process that must begin. When God is seeing that we are learning… he holds back his decrees and judgment so that he can tenderly teach us. He allures us back into the desert (or wilderness). (Hosea 2:14-23) Allure means (for this scripture) “take my hand… I’m going to lead you somewhere. I’m going WITH you and I’m going to be in there WITH you!” It’s in the desert that God allures us to where we learn to desire and love him. Where He will teach us our new name and how we should embrace Him. This is a process we don’t want to graduate from as it will last until the bridegroom (Jesus) comes for his bride. (Church/God’s People)

Being allured to the desert is a tremendous feeling as it shows how much the Father loves us, but it also gives us a clear picture of Jesus loving his Bride. Jesus wants privacy with us, so He can romantically and passionately love us. He disciplines those he loves and loves those who he disciplines. We need to change our mindset concerning this word discipline… it’s not a bad thing, but a good thing. It is related to teaching and training. God doesn’t use this wilderness experience to expose us and make us naked, but rather to guard or protect our hearts as he desires us. Everyone’s desert experience is different, but we as Christians must go through it… Jesus went through it. Remember the Garden of Gethsemane. It seemed like a place of tremendous anguish but it proved to be a place (desert) God, the Father called him to. He understood the Father’s love, and purpose for his life.

Embrace the allurement to the desert that God is calling you to… I promise you – there are benefits for such people who embrace their Bridal Identity – if you don’t believe me… read Hosea 2:17-23 (while you are at it, look at Revelation 21) Enjoy your new identity — as the Bride of Christ!!!

** audio message –

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