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Allured Towards Love

19 Mar , 2012  

This past Tuesday, I gave the message for theExchange Young Adult services as a guest speaker. The whole message was centered on being allured back into the desert by God – for LOVE. The restored bride will have a clear Bridal Paradigm and will ultimately understand her identity. We know this as the “Divine Betrothal” for the end of the age.

God wants to make our valleys of trouble a place (or opportunity) of hope, so there is a learning process that must begin. When God is seeing that we are learning… he holds back his decrees and judgment so that he can tenderly teach us. He allures us back into the desert (or wilderness). (Hosea 2:14-23) Allure means (for this scripture) “take my hand… I’m going to lead you somewhere. I’m going WITH you and I’m going to be in there WITH you!” It’s in the desert that God allures us to where we learn to desire and love him. Where He will teach us our new name and how we should embrace Him. This is a process we don’t want to graduate from as it will last until the bridegroom (Jesus) comes for his bride. (Church/God’s People)

Being allured to the desert is a tremendous feeling as it shows how much the Father loves us, but it also gives us a clear picture of Jesus loving his Bride. Jesus wants privacy with us, so He can romantically and passionately love us. He disciplines those he loves and loves those who he disciplines. We need to change our mindset concerning this word discipline… it’s not a bad thing, but a good thing. It is related to teaching and training. God doesn’t use this wilderness experience to expose us and make us naked, but rather to guard or protect our hearts as he desires us. Everyone’s desert experience is different, but we as Christians must go through it… Jesus went through it. Remember the Garden of Gethsemane. It seemed like a place of tremendous anguish but it proved to be a place (desert) God, the Father called him to. He understood the Father’s love, and purpose for his life.

Embrace the allurement to the desert that God is calling you to… I promise you – there are benefits for such people who embrace their Bridal Identity – if you don’t believe me… read Hosea 2:17-23 (while you are at it, look at Revelation 21) Enjoy your new identity — as the Bride of Christ!!!

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