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The Collection: September 2017

29 Sep , 2017  

I want to start something new called The Collection. This will be a journal entry of some of the quotes, tweets and statuses that have wrecked my over the past month. I will try to jot them down and let you in on the insight God is speaking to me. Some will be from well-known […]

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Leadership, Reflections & Introspection, That'll Preach Sayings


11 Feb , 2015  

chadveach: 1. YOU CAN’T TELL ME NOTHIN “Pride is the only disease that makes everyone else sick besides the person that has it.” 2. SO INSECURRRR I know a leader that used to walk into a room and say to himself “everyone here loves me and wants me here”……………… until he was convinced of it. […]

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16 May , 2014  

WINNING chadveach: Who’s “winning”? In life.. who’s really winning… I keep having this thought. I keep asking this question. Is it the one with the biggest following? …. The person with the most money? Or maybe it’s whoever has mastered gluten free healthy eating and is in tip top shape (oh how I envy you) […]

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