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Mid-Summer Mind Dump

25 Jul , 2015  


A lot has happened since I last gave you a mad dump.. So here we go: 

  1. Started a regular job (in January) working with my cousin. This has allowed me to stay financially healthy while doing Ministry. Also afforded me the opportunity to get my own car!!! 
  2. Have spent most of the last 10 months focused on me and Jesus.. The Lord has been redefining some key things in my life such as Hope, Faith, Surrender and Joy. Can not express in the right words how important this season has been to my life and ministry. Times just listening to podcasts, studying scripture and times of prayer/worship.
  3. For me community is everything… it keeps me out of my head (thinking negatively) and keeps me focus on what matters most – God’s people. “Community is only built when you intentional invest in others and have a give/take mentality.”


  4. Had some speaking engagements in February and May. Also did some traveling to TN and Michigan. I joined our Board of Advisors at my current church, Gateway Church in Suwanee GA. I absolutely love these people and call them family.
  5. Was offered a FT Student Pastor position at a church and I have accepted.. More info coming later next week, with an official announcement. I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs excited about this ministry and the opportunity to lead a movement of young people. 
  6. Lastly, I am working on my first book project. I am in the initial phase and process ideas/concept. More to come soon! i am really excited about t

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Faulty Gospel

8 Jan , 2015   Gallery

Let’s stop this faulty Gospel of adding Jesus to our lives.. Scripture teaches that we must lose our life and then find it it in Jesus. He makes all things New. We can’t add new Wine (Jesus, Holy Spirit) to old Wineskins (Us, in our old state). We must prepare ourselves with the help of the Holy Spirit to become New Wineskins ready to accept Jesus!

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19 Dec , 2014  

CONFESSION: I’ve NEVER regretted serving others & generosity, not once. We [#Christians] are called to live for others in love through Jesus!

Corey Gibson

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16 May , 2014  


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Awkward Seesaws (5 Reasons Why There Is More To Student Ministry Than Speaking)

14 Dec , 2013  

Awkward Seesaws (5 Reasons Why There Is More To Student Ministry Than Speaking)

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17 Aug , 2013   Gallery

Someone needs to hear this… Trust God with your #life! #KnownGod #Stumin #rhonnadesigns

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