Weekend @ Forward 08 Conference

13 Jul , 2008  

Man, what a weekend I had. I have a chance to attend one of the most powerful and unique conferences of all time, thanks to some friends of mines. The Forward Conference 2008 by Jentezen Franklin/Free Chapel was off the chains. Worship, the message and the ministry was totally amazing. We missed Thursday night, but what […]



6 Jun , 2008  

One Prayer¦ There is the sweeping prayer movement that is about to take place, like no other. Over 550 churches, have decided to come together under 1 banner… PRAYER! If you visit www.oneprayer.com, you would notice that churches from all over America, from different denominations, are being asked, “If God would answer ‘one prayer’ for […]


Authentic Repentence

3 Nov , 2007  

For the past couple of weeks, the Lord has been showing me and speaking to me about repentance in our generation. So I begin studying this thing we call repentance and came to 4 underlying fact…. that in order for there to be authentic forgiveness, there must first be sincere repentance/lamenting. Repenting and apologizing are […]

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I’m a Christian… Ill-Equipped???

6 Sep , 2007  

Have you ever wondered why our generation is so far from the past generation…? I mean, we have advanced in so many ways from a technology standpoint, media, creative ideas, and even to the point of how we view God, the Church, and the people who called themselves “Christians.” Why is it that so many […]