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a dog and her crumbs

22 Mar , 2016  

Matthew 15:21-28 || Mark 7:24-30 She was desperate (she cried out – Lord Have Mercy on Me) She worshipped (she knelt before his feet) She entered into a state of repentance The Bible never records her name. This woman, who is identified by her nationality, understood her status and role in life. She realize at […]

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Authentic Repentence

3 Nov , 2007  

For the past couple of weeks, the Lord has been showing me and speaking to me about repentance in our generation. So I begin studying this thing we call repentance and came to 4 underlying fact…. that in order for there to be authentic forgiveness, there must first be sincere repentance/lamenting. Repenting and apologizing are […]

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