6 Jun , 2008  

One Prayer¦

There is the sweeping prayer movement that is about to take place, like no other. Over 550 churches, have decided to come together under 1 banner… PRAYER! If you visit www.oneprayer.com, you would notice that churches from all over America, from different denominations, are being asked, “If God would answer ‘one prayer’ for the church at large, what would you pray?”

My answer: Oh God, would the church walk in intimacy? Why you might asked??? Well that’s simple. We need to be found in an intimate love walk with Christ. We are just coming off a series on Matthew 25. We learned that we must always be aware of the time and prepare our hearts with intimacy. If the foolish brides would have been intimate with the bridegroom, they would have realizes there need of oil. We have a direct relationship with Christ Jesus. He has called us in to love and romance with him. Just as in a natural marriage, God desires that we are intimate with him. The same God who created the heavens and earth, desires our heart so much that he crushed his own son, Jesus so that we may love him. The bridegroom, Christ Jesus, willing die so we could understand how much God desperate wanted to show love. That through his death, man could understand the Father’s Heart. Through much pain and suffering, we are called to share in the same idea.

Going back to Matthew 25: When we have intimacy with Jesus, we understand that the talents (physical and financial) the Master has given us, does not belong to us. We have to invest what the Master has given us, so that others are served. Whatever we do to the weakest person, we have also done it to Christ Jesus. All 3 sections of Matthew 25 at the end, they all received a reward but at a earthly lost. With intimacy – suffering must come and surrendering must take place!

One Prayer – Intimacy in the church!

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