Weekend @ Forward 08 Conference

13 Jul , 2008  

Man, what a weekend I had. I have a chance to attend one of the most powerful and unique conferences of all time, thanks to some friends of mines. The Forward Conference 2008 by Jentezen Franklin/Free Chapel was off the chains. Worship, the message and the ministry was totally amazing. We missed Thursday night, but what I could tell, Jentezen brought down the house with a much need word entitled “Chasing the Lions.”

Louie Giglio (268 Generation/Passion Conference) did an amazing job speaking about Life & Light. Coming out of the bible text 2 Cor 5:17-21. Louie shared a dramatic story of grace about a girl who hated God and everyone who wanted to do with him… But as the pages of her journal unfold, we found out that our God is Mighty to Save. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. As he (Louie) continued in her story, we found out that she died after being a car accident 3 months after her salvation. Louie reminded us not to be sad, but to know that her life meant something and now countless people will know the power of God. And yes, he is Mighty to Save. Being a fruitcake for God..lol wow!! Yes Lord. (You have to read the journal to understand)

Due to a prior leaders meeting at my church, I missed Ron Luce. I really wanted to hear him speak. I think he is a great warrior for our generation. I did catch the main points of his message, which was “Climbing Mountains” when they was recapping from early that day.

Jentezen Franklin finishes off the conference. Let me just start off with saying he is one of the most passionate pastors I have ever came across. I always enjoy listening/watching him. I just know I going to be blessed from what he says. And for him to put on this conference for young people show a lot about his character and how he has a desire for youth. He spoke on how we are in a race and God wants to fill us up so that we can complete the race and how our culture and Satan tries to throw different things in our way to stop us. He used an illustrated sermon approach with a race car prop and other props. Towards the end he said God wanted to deliver everyone there who had any tobacco addictions. Literally hundreds of adults and teens ran to the front of the stage at Gwinnett Arena. People where instantly deliver, even to the point that they began throwing their cigarettes and chewing tobacco on the stage… Interestingly enough, people with other addictions came up and receive their deliverance. People were throwing their condoms, and CDs.

Worship was totally amazing for the times we were there. Chris Tomlin, Ricardo Sanchez and Jeremy Camp are all three wonderful and powerful musicians and artist. John Gray hosted the event and boy was he funny and powerful.

For the recap and other related info, please visit www.forwardconference.com

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