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Set My Heart – 2017 Anthem

7 Feb , 2017   Video

I believe I’ve found my anthem for the year…. absolutely LOVE THIS SONG, Set My Heart by Vertical Church Band! Nothing communicates my heart in this moment and season of life than this….

“Quiet the voice of doubt again,

Echo within me every promise,

Let your Word be louder than my fears.

Speak to the void when I can’t see,

Lift up my head in every valley,

Let your joy be greater than my grief.

I have set my heart,

Set my, set my heart on You.

You have every part of me,

I set my heart on You.


Nothing will ever break me, ever slay me, all my hope in you.

Nothing will ever shake me, overtake me, all my hope in you.”

Words cannot express what this song is ministering to me even now as I write this journal. My one focus this year is on Jesus and making his name and glory famous. So I will set my heart to pursue him more intently and fervently. I am eagerly excited to see what God does in me and through me as I continue to lean on his Spirit and draw closer to him. I am believing that 2017 will be a landmark year for me in ministry and in my personal life.

*** Watch the video above or click here ***

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Embrace The Worship

2 Jul , 2010  

Some refreshing thoughts on authentic worship… hope you enjoy and embrace the worship

The Whole of Me – Responding

16“To what can I compare this generation? They are like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling out to others: 17 ” ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge and you did not mourn.’ – Matthew 11:16-17 NIV I believe this is a call to this generation of believers young & old to wake up and respond to the call that is clearly going forward in our culture. For years now the authentic church have been crying out to the nations to turn, repent and seek the Lord as true worshipers. We are in a direct season to give a response to God in worship, our lifestyle. What will your response be… Will you answer His call or simply silence the sound?

The idea of worship only taken place at church for 25 minute before the message is one of the biggest lies from Satan. Worship is a lifestyle… In everything I do, I should be worshiping God. The way I act, talk and handle regular business should all bring Glory to the Father and recount Jesus. If my heart is connected to God or desires to be – The Whole of Me will worship him. Not just singing, or dancing, in church so the pastor can see my outward expression; but all of me, everywhere, all the time! If your time of worship doesn’t draw you closer to God and allows you to be transparent before him.. you are not worshiping – you just singing a song. So, If Jesus was to live your life outside of the church walls and services… would he be Glorified in your worship? The Christian life is not lived in church, but it is lived in the darkness, influencing [invading] Culture with Vision [light/truth]“ – John 3:18-21Romans 12:1John 4:23

Changing the Culture

“Worship is obedience, sacrifice and connecting to God in it’s core. The authentic songs, creative art, passionate dancing, etc. are just merely an outward act of what is going on inside one’s heart. The very heartbeat of worship must be about Jesus, for nothing else matters. He must be the focus and the reason. Its a lifestyle set apart or dedicated to God. Coupled with Prayer, it is the center of this awakening and revival for this generation and the church.”

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