INVEST In Your Team

13 Sep , 2010  

Over the next few blogs, I will outline 5 things I have learned in leadership. These key things have help shape my “philosophy” in youth ministry and overall leadership especially in the church.

  1. Seek GRACE not Title
  2. PASSION Over Production
  3. Wait At HIS Feet – Listening
  4. The “Conference HIGH” Will Leave You Wounded
  5. INVEST In Your Team

INVEST In Your Team

You have a group of people who have the same heart as you do for youth ministry. They all have great personalities and characteristics. Some are artistic/creative while others are thinkers. Some are funny and some are serious. They’re willing, motivated and eager for the challenge ahead…. Now, what? INVEST in them! If you can see yourself doing life with them, invest in them. If you see yourself working with them for the next 5-10 years, invest in them.

This to me is definitely on my top leadership philosophy. Too often Youth/Young Adult Pastors try to do it all by themselves and be the lone ranger… which is very dangerous in ministry! A great leader is as only as great as the team/people around them. I wholeheartedly believe in Team ministry. I am willing to invest in the men/women around me to effectively leverage the individual gifts God has given us to expand His Kingdom. When I want to cultivate my team, I am willing to go out of my way to nourish them. Just as Jesus was the nourishment [resource/substance] for the world.

This is 100% modeled by Jesus with his disciples, especially Peter, James, and John…. How many times did Jesus use simple parables to show them the Kingdom of Heaven? Or how about how many times did Jesus invite Peter & the Sons of Thunder (James & John) to intimate fellowships/journeys with him? These weren’t just times of play and innocent chatter, it was the very moments that shaped these men lives after Jesus’ ascension into heaven. Jesus used everyday moments to teach and invest in His follower’s life. If you want your teams to be successful even to the point to where you are not there… invest in them. Invest your time, energy, money, resource, wisdom and knowledge. Often times you will never know the effect of your investment on them until you aren’t there and they MUST step up to the plate.

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