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30 Sep , 2013  

Just wanted to update you guys on some of the amazing things that has happen since my last ministry update back in August. Yesterday via twitter & facebook I made a big announcement for me and my church concerning some transitional change… I just wanted to share some more info on this.

In way of updates:

  1. With some prayer and good talks with my Pastor… I am transitioning out of Student Ministry here at Gateway Church-Shelbyville and stepping into (as a promotion) a new role as the Associate Pastor. In this role, I will be leading our team of staff/leaders, assisting more in the day-to-day operations of the church and also taking more teaching responsibility. All of these things + more will allow me to be a help to our Lead Pastor, Jason Daughdrill, at an executive/senior level. I am excited about this transition and what God is doing in our church. It’s funny how the Lord move on your behalf once He has opened the doors for you… I have been on staff as the Student Pastor with this church 7 months, and the Lord has blessed me to step up in this new role for our church. // My pastor approached me about a month ago about becoming the associate pastor (a position/role, that was not in place at our church) after two staff member suggesting he ask me and after a lengthy conversation with my Pastor, it became evident that this was where the Lord was leading, that these staff members were excited and that my pastor has my back and full support.
  2. With this transition, it doesn’t mean I am completely stepping away from Student Ministry. I’ll still be involved with our SM, just not leading it from a direct level. I will still be traveling and speaking to teens and young adults whenever possible. We have found an amazing couple to take our SM to the next level and I am excited to have Pastor Johnathan & Andrea Key on staff with us as the Student Pastors. Looking forward to all the amazing things. We have some of the coolest & amazing students and leaders… and I am absolutely proud that I was able to be their Student Pastor.
  3. Super excited about all the growth and favor the Lord has been releasing on our church. We have been growing not necessarily by marketing campaigns but by God doing miracles, making people free and delivering them from bondage then they going out and telling people. We have adopted what is the “Come & See” model. And people have been coming and seeing and coming again with their friends.. we love that.
  4. We made the announcement yesterday, to my surprise (alittle) that it was received with such warm regards and blessings. Some students were excited, the SM leadership was stoked, several adults & key leaders/staff was thrilled.

You can continue to bless us by praying for me, the New Student Pastors – Johnathan & Andrea Key, our leaders/staff and church at large. We are honored that God is blessing us and we want to partner with him for whatever He is doing in Shelbyville, TN and surrounding areas. For more information, please email me: coreyg@mygatewaychurch.org or hit me up on my cell phone.

– Pastor Corey


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