15 Dec , 2012  

“The culture of death that was the driving force to the Connecticut massacre on Friday that killed 26 people, including 20 precious children is the same one that killed 3,500 babies today through abortion. We as a country celebrate "choice”. We defend it & we have made laws to protect it. Yet for some reason we think we can “contain” choice. WE CANNOT! We cannot have it both ways. The death decree we have allowed is indiscriminate. We don’t get to pick and choose. Friday was a very good example of “choice” lived out. A man “chose” to slaughter innocent children. I don’t like his choice any more than I like the choice of those who slaughtered the additional 3,500 children who died today. We have opened a door of Death and Destruction. This sadly will continue until we “choose” to stop it and say NO to killing our children. I mourn for the children of Connecticut that were taken from us today. I also mourn for the 3,500 who never made it to school. WE MUST PRAY & STAND FIRM, PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS TO THE NATIONS! If this post offends you, we are in agreement. I’m offended too.“

Original post Rosalind Stancil on Facebook

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