Q&A Session Part 2

2 Dec , 2012  

Here’s the 2nd set of the Q&A session. Q&A Part 1 | Q&A Part 3 are now also up. Have questions??? Shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter/FB: corey@awakenthisheart.com or @meCoreyG


Kelly P. from GA asks: “What’s your views on Women in Ministry, specifically youth ministry?”

– Not to get in a Theological debate and to put it simply, I believe in Women being involved (in leadership) in ministry. I have several friends who are Women in Ministry (co-pastors/church planters with their Husbands, YPs, and Children’s Pastors). With anyone in church leadership –

  1. Are you a born-again Christian?
  2. Are you called?
  3. Do you understand the calling/identity?
  4. Do you support the vision?
  5. Can you pray & worship?
  6. Are you capable of love & grace
  7. Can you make disciples?

I will say that it is dangerous and even unbiblical for a woman to not have a male covering/headship. Christ (man/husband) is the head of the church (woman/wife) so as a husband is the head of his wife. Hope that makes sense.

Jesse S. asks: “I just stepped in at my church as the interim Youth Director. I wanted to know if you can recommend any small group curriculum?”

– To be totally honest, I’ve never used any type of curriculum nor do I “plan” (subject to change) on using any in the future. I’ve heard some great things about ORANGE XP3 and Simply Youth Ministry’s LIVE Curriculum. Check those out:

ORANGE  |  LIVE Curriculum by Simply YM

**A YP friend of mine, Ryan Ashcraft suggested you also goto your local Lifeway store.. especially if you are on a small budget.


Derek R. from KY asks: “What would you say is your greatest passion in life?”

– Seeing young people (Young Adults and Teens) come to know & encounter/experience Jesus for who he is… And see them radical changed. I believe this is my calling as I push (compel) young people to Jesus. No greater joy!

Alex T. from TX asks: “Numerical Growth vs. Spiritually Growth.. What’s your take on it, biblically?”

– BOTH… We need both. Jesus calls us to grow spiritually and numerically. When we grow Spiritually as a church, we have no choice but to grow numerically. God believes in both wholeheartedly growing together. What good is it to be physically strong (large church) but mentally (maturity/knowledge) weak/depraved OR to be physically weak and mentally strong. One is the “dumb jock” while the other is the “skinny nerd.” There needs to be balance! Regardless if you are called to minister to 15 or to 15k people… you’re still fulfilling your purpose GOD has given you. The reward is equal, the risk is equal, the faith and work is equal. Never allow anyone to diminish what God is doing in your ministry and never try to be something you are not. (Luke 2:40,52; Act 2:42-47, 4:4, 5:14, 6:1, 6:7, 9:31, 11:21-24; 3 John 1:2)

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