Offense of the Gospel

9 Jul , 2011  

Sometimes, I think about the condition of a person heart, soul and spirit as it relates to the things that motives mines. I have noticed lately, especially in the church that we have pacified and sugar-coated the Gospel (the Bible) to some mediocre story that makes us feel good and leaves us excited without revelation. This in return, leaves us a corrupted Gospel nonetheless.

The Gospel is penetrating and can even be scolding as it sculpts away our own hearts intentions. [Hebrews 4:12]  We as humans should be offended by the Gospel.  Moreover, as Christians we should understand that the most scandalous act in history – “A loving Father (God) sending his perfect Son, Jesus Christ (fully God and Man) to pay a debt/price he didn’t owe so that we may become God’s sons [through “Grace/Faith” salvation – Spirit of Adoption] and shine with his Righteousness [through the Holy Spirit]” is very offensive. [2 Corinthians 5:21] The whole of humanity should be offended that we killed an “innocent man” for our own “selfish & wicked behavior.”

The Bible was never meant, to be just a bed time story we read to our children or something we dive into when we want answers. It was meant first and foremost to recount Jesus as the King and Savior of the world and our lives and then as an in-depth guide to living a righteous and holy life – in love towards God and people. When we read the Gospel as it really is, it should provoke change in our lives and penetrate us so much, that we want others to experience this life change. My prayer is that the Gospel will offend us so much that we pursue and hunger for Jesus and embrace his grace/love. That every time we read the Bible, we will also live it out.

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