Leaky Cisterns

11 Jan , 2011  

This past Sunday I had the awesome honor of speaking to 212° North Youth(Youth Ministry of Victory North Church). Really shared what was on my heart for the past 4-5 month about God releasing a remnant of young people to total abandoned themselves for God. I titled the message Leaky Cistern.

Here are all the scriptures we read/referenced:  Jeremiah 2:11, 13 | Judges 2:6-11 |2 Samuel 23:20 | Luke 2:36-38

Talked about 3 things that causes Leaky Cisterns: [out of Jeremiah 2:11, 13 & Judges 2:10-11]

 1. Trading God for idols [Willfully turning our backs on God]
 2. Forgetting that God is the Living Water [Not being Satisfied with God]
 3. Digging Reservoirs of Wickedness [Indulging in Sin]

Mention to the students that these leaky cisterns are causing us to not live in total abandonment with Jesus. Jesus is trying to give us himself, but our broken and frail lives fail to receive him. The message translation of Jeremiah 2:13 states something that really gives a clear picture – My people have committed a compound sin: they’ve walked out on me, the fountain Of fresh flowing waters, and then dug cisterns — cisterns that leak, cisterns that are no better than sieves.

A sieve is literally a sifter or strainer. I did an illustration [with the help of a volunteer] where I had a hand sifter in a bowl. As I was talking, I began to pour water (representing the Holy Spirit) into the sifter (which represents our leaky cistern) illustrating that as God is trying to give us his Spirit, but because of our cracked cistern, we aren’t able to hold & keep his Spirit. I believe this drove the point across well.

I shared two visions I had in the past year – The Benaiah Generation and the Open Heaven vision which culminated into the point that we must have “a Passionately Relentless Pursuit and Hunger for Jesus.” Just like Anna had in Luke 2:36-38, when the stormy days and dark pits of our life come – are we still willing to chase after the Lion of Judah being Jesus?  If we want to live in total abandonment for Jesus, we must pursue him and hunger for him! This is a call for Christians to rise up, no longer just seeking to play it safe. We must surrender our lives entirely to Jesus with a passionate pursuit and desire for him that will never cease.

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