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25 Sep , 2011  

3 Quotes that have been shaken me recently

“Church: some go to worship, some go to be entertained. *If church isn’t drenched w/the Holy Spirit it could be just christian entertainment.” by Shaun Alexander [from twitter]

Ummm, WOW! These words are so true… I have a blog right now in draft concerning this that I have been working on since July called “Passion over Production.” – Leader, are you allowing the Holy Spirit room to move in your services or is He just the Preamble to your church’s belief/faith statement?


“The Christian life is not lived in church, but it is lived in the darkness [world], influencing [invading] Culture with Vision [light/truth]” by Me [from me speaking & blogging about worship. blog can be found here.]

I believe this is so true (or I won’t have said it, lol)… We really as a body of believer need to refocus and renew our minds when it comes to just being “churchy or church going folks.” We are suppose to be invading our personal world that we live in with the light and truth of Jesus, bring them to church to receive insight/training and then sending them to invade their own personal world.

“If anyone tell you leadership begins w serving.. RUN. They don’t have an accurate understanding of the Bible nor the significances of Jesus!” by Me [from me speaking & blogging about Leadership. blog can be found here.]

I have spoken, tweeted and blogged about this because of a recent surge of leaders stating that Christian Leadership is all about serving, helping others and making plans/goals. #1 – anything Christian starts with Jesus and is all about Him. #2 – anyone in leadership must be trained and surrendered to the leadership of the ONE it is all about. #3 – Serving, Helping, Leading, and Planning all must come out of intimacy/passion Christ. It seems radical, but this is the model, nature, and culture of the Kingdom of God & Heaven. When we wrap our mind around this and our heart is gripped with these ideas/values – we are walking Kingdom Minded as Christian Leaders. If all of #3 is out of order or the latter part of #3 is missing, we are simply “doing good deeds/works” – but rejecting the one who gave us the desire and grace to perform the work – very dangerous… and will lead to burn-out! Our Intimacy with and Passion for Jesus, must outweigh our Performance for Him/People.

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