Jesus’ Best Is Yet To Come…

2 Mar , 2014  

Last year to this day, March 2, I made one of the biggest steps of faith in my entire life. It was today, that I decided to partner with a local church name Gateway Church in Shelbyville, TN to become their new Student Pastor. Sitting here now, boy has the times have changes. I am sitting here writing this a year from that day now as the Associate Pastor at the same church. A journey that was completely uncertain and filled with ups & downs has led me to become a better man, pastor and friend.  Within 7 months of being the student pastor, I was promoted to an associate pastor (by far the fastest I’ve seen in ministry outside of death or moral failure) because of my trustworthiness, faithfulness and diligence to my Pastor, church and most importantly God.

Our church was growing at increasing rate and so the need arise for me to step in and take another leap of faith. My 1st youth service we had 12 students/3 adult leaders show up. My last youth service as Student Pastor, there was 30 student/7 adult leaders. A church averaging 130 with 1 service when I arrived now averaging around 240+ with 2 service a year later. Such a great celebration of what the Lord has done in the last 12 month.

By no means have I “arrived” or boast in my own accord. The Lord gets all the glory and praise as it is him who is doing this might work. My faith is stirred, my holy expectation steadily increases as the Lord continues to provide faithfully for me and this church. I am living on this holy expectation and assurance that the Lord Jesus is not done with us yet. My prayer is the same as it was a year ago –  “that God would revive his wonderful fame/deeds (Habakkuk 3:2) in us as we have an expectancy of Him in fulfilling our vision/dream. (Luke 8:40Ephesians 3:16-20)” .. JESUS’ BEST is still yet to come!!!

To read the announcement of me joining Gateway as Student Pastor a year ago…

To read the announcement of me being promoted to Associate Pastor 6 months ago…

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