Gateway’s Big Announcement

25 Mar , 2014  

Yesterday we celebrated being in our current church building for 25 years, built by a man we honored during service.. Also along with this celebration we shared the news that we will be moving into our new church facility/property (Old Walmart) in September… just in time for the 75th anniversary of Gateway in October 2014! This decision to move had a finally approval of our church during our Business meeting with 100% unanimous votes of YES/Confidence. God is calling us out to worship, love and spread his Gospel… we will be faithful in this just as he is faithful to our needs. We serve such an amazing and gracious God!!! I am so blessed to have such an amazing church family who love the Lord and love our church and it’s city/community… Please come be our guest and share in the presence of Jesus!!! Remember, it’s not the house, it the HOST.. which is Jesus!

**The Exterior photo is a mock-up and will not be the final version. Changes are already being made.**

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