The Collective: End of the Year

1 Jan , 2018  

A journal entry of some of the quotes, tweets and statuses that have wrecked my over the past month. I will try to jot them down and let you in on the insight God is speaking to me. Some will be from well-known people, some are friends of mine but ALL are worthy of mentioning and deeper soul-processing. This is a combination of November & December of 2017

“Half-hearted obedience to Jesus Christ in this generation leads to full rebellion against Him in the next.” @MattChandler

I wonder what would be said of a generation that walked in disobedience. The choices we make now will affect the stance that the next generation takes. We cannot afford to live in half-hearted obedience. We dont have to look no further than the generation after Joshua … Judges 2:6-23

“Leadership is not found in the volume of ones voice, but in the depth of ones CHARACTER.” #LIVEloud – @NickNilson

This will preach a thousand times over… your Character speaks a greater & louder word than your voice could ever have, especially as it relates to leadership. People aren’t following what you say, they are following how you act and live.

“Whoever you invite into your life, you give influence to.” – @isaacgross

Be careful of who you do community with… they are shaping you whether you know it or not.

“When you live in denial, you will be waiting for deliverance in a situation that requires discipline.” @StevenFurtick

Nuff said

“God sees you as perfect but he is making you holy.” – @austinmolt

Being Holy is better than being perfect. How he sees you is great, what he is doing in you is better.

“When you care about someone you’re never content to simply make your point” @AndyStanley#deep&wide

Too good…

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