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11 Feb , 2015  


“Pride is the only disease that makes everyone else sick besides the person that has it.”

I know a leader that used to walk into a room and say to himself “everyone here loves me and wants me here”……………… until he was convinced of it.

Sometimes you gotta convince yourself of the truth until you believe it!

“Sin won’t destroy your life… but silent sin will.”

If you keep sweeping stuff under the rug and not dealing with the issues of life, eventually that stuff will catch up with you.

These are the things that can slow you down in seasons when you should be running hard after what’s in your heart.

“Who can control the tongue?” – James

Nothing opens and closes doors for you like the words coming out of your mouth.
#ifyoudonthaveanythingnicetosay #dontsayanythingatall

The worst leader is the one who’s more loyal to their gift than what they are a part of.

The leader who’s impressed with themselves is rarely impressed with others.

I’m always listening to the leader who raves about the gifting of others!

Don’t ever become the “looking for the next great opportunity” leader.

These leaders are always looking for the #landofopportunity because they’re convinced if they get there… then things will really take off. It never does 🙁

Stay faithful where you’re at and watch God blow you away.

Don’t go stale.
Don’t go dull.
Don’t get routined.
Don’t fall asleep on the job.

Stir up the gift of God within you! Stir up your faith!

To say thank you is to admit that someone else provided this…

Can’t think of anything that pleases God more than the “attitude of gratitude.”

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Leadership, Student Ministry, That'll Preach Sayings

5 Things That Matter

17 Jul , 2014   Gallery

Super good… #LeadUp #leadership #stmin

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Leadership, That'll Preach Sayings

5 Things

3 Jul , 2014  

From chadveach blog:

“5 things that God requires of people who lead in the church…”
(as written by Paul, see 1 Timothy 3)


1. Spiritual Preparedness
In other words, leadership doesn’t come with a punch card. You don’t clock in and out.
Jesus was known for doing more work outside the church than in it.
Gods looking for people who STAY READY!

2. Self Control
In other words, if you can’t control your tongue, emotions, temper, spending and eyes… how can God trust you with His people?
Self control (meekness) is like the San Antonio Spurs… underrated, overlooked… but CHAMPIONSHIP MATERIAL.

3. Social Graciousness
In other words, how we treat people matters to God.
Socially, you should be able to do well in any environment.
Paul did. Jesus did. Why can’t we?
Often times what separates a good leader from a great leader is behavior.


4. Domestic Order
In other words, if you can’t take care of HOME, why would God trust you with CHURCH?
God is not a God of confusion. How confusing to have someone represent God who’s home life is a disaster… but their church life is #DOMINATING.
God is stoked when our home life matters to us as much as it matters to Him!!!!!!

5. Holy Living
In other words, God asks us to be set apart… because He is set apart.
Holy living looks different to each person. I’ve learned you have to live by “your own convictions”, not anothers.
I would suggest that you look into the bible to find out what the standard of HOLINESS truly is…

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Leadership, Reflections & Introspection, Student Ministry

The “Conference HIGH” will leave you WOUNDED

18 Mar , 2013  

Over the next few blogs, I will outline 5 things I have learned in leadership. These key things have helped shape my “philosophy” in youth ministry and overall leadership, especially in the church.

  1. Seek GRACE not Title
  2. PASSION Over Production
  3. Wait At HIS Feet – Listening
  4. The “Conference HIGH” Will Leave You Wounded
  5. INVEST In Your Team

The Conference High = When Students & Leaders, go to a conference just to be refueled with no true intentions of living Godly or when the amazing work that God did in one’s life during a Conference wears off soon afterward because THEY DIDN”T nurture the life change.  Amos 5:21-24 (MSG) give us a sharp warning about having meetings for meeting’s sake…

This mentality or state of being is so dangerous as it leaves you wounded, frail and numb, and can even leave you worse off (Luke 11:24-26). If we are honest with ourselves we would realize that at one point or another we too have had that “conference high.” Anytime there is a Godly life change, whether at a regular church service, conference/camp, or on the metro bus… we must nurture & steward the change. This does not mean we are in control of the Holy Spirit and how He moves, but it does allow us to take responsibility for how we will respond to the life change. Often times, youth pastors & leaders are unaware of how to help students nurture this amazing life change. So when the student gets back into the reality of life, with friends they hung with before, they are tempted to go back to the old way of living and for most, this temptation becomes the very thing they fall for. Here are some simple steps to not be wounded by the “Conference High”… Ready, Set, Go:

1. Recognize the moment – Understand what just took place in your life… Salvation, Baptism of Holy Spirit, Water Baptism, etc… If we can’t recognize and understand what just happen, then how are we expected to nurture this moment. It’s okay to not fully understand everything, but you should have the basics of what just happen. Recognize the moment, then seize that same moment.

2. Find Refuge – Get with an accountability partner who is either a leader or an honest friend (older, same-sex) who was there at the camp. It is vital that this person was there at the conference or who is a trusted leader. This will save you a lot of headaches, as you are dealing with someone who understands the life & heart change that has taken place. Submit to this accountable partner and let your heart “bleed” about all that God has done, is doing and will do. Be sure to allow time for prayer and praise. Meet regularly. Begin to distant yourself from that old living (friends, hangout spots, activities, etc.)

3. Surrender to the Leadership of the Holy Spirit – Simple enough but often a critical step we miss. He, the Holy Spirit is the one who has begun the work and change in your life… So it will be wise to allow him the freedom to move in your life. He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. This life-change is a process that will not end until Jesus’ returns. Philippians 1:6 states, ”And I am sure of this, that He [Holy Spirit] who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Surrendering is a sign of devotion and love. He is there to Comfort you, Counsel you, and to Convict you.

4. Run Tell That – Run tell all that just happen to you… John 4 gives us a perfect picture of how Jesus justifies and gives heart change to a woman at the well and the very next thing she did was to run and tell everyone who would listen. The Bible even records that she left the very thing she was at the well for… Water! More times than not, we forget this important step, but it’s a crucial step of faith to actually “Go and Tell it on the Mountain.” Your testimony is so needed.  A dear friend, Pastor Jordan Sharrett recently said: “Our greatest regrets in life will be the moments we didn’t share the Gospel, that changed us!” Remember, we overcome (the world) by the Blood of the Lamb [Jesus] and the voice of OUR Testimony!!! What’s your story of change and who can benefit from your story of change?

*** Youth Pastors/Leaders – share this with your leadership teams and parents.. they can help the student walk out this life change so that they can have fruit that remains. DO NOT DO THIS ALONE! ***

*** Students – Talk with your parents, small group leader and/or Youth Pastor. They are there to help you as your embrace all that God has for you. Begin to get active in reading your Bible (starting with the book of John, then Romans, then Colossians and next Hebrews!) Get active in your youth ministry anyway you can. YOU MATTER MORE THAN YOU KNOW! ***

*** Parents – Allow students to process what has happen and be a tower of comfort, encouragement, and love for them. Get with their Youth Pastor/Small Group Leader and see how you can be involved. Engage your kids with questions and prayers over them. PLEASE KNOW YOU ARE NOT IN THIS ALONE! ***

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Q&A Session Part 1

30 Nov , 2012  

Here is the 1st set of the Q&A session from my community of FB friends, Twitter followers and #stumin/#youthmin followers… Shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter/FB, if you have any questions: corey@awakenthisheart.com or @meCoreyG

Riley C. from TN asks: “Who are some of the voices pastors/preachers) you glean from?”

– Currently, I mainly listen to and glean from these leaders… Judah Smith, Chad Veach, Jentezen Franklin, Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Robert Madu and Billy Humphrey (IHOP-ATL Director, former YP). All of these guys (except Billy) are outside my “circle of influence/friends”


James F. from South GA asks: “As a Youth Pastor/Speaker, what have you adapted as a Philosophy of Ministry and why?”

– Team, Creative & Parents – ALL For JESUS! More detailed information on this can be found here: Philosophy of Ministry

Colin W. from NJ asks: “I’m trying to encourage my friend who recently got saved, what is the best book of the Bible you recommend for them to start reading first?”

– I always recommend to new Christians to start reading the book of John first then followed by the book of Romans from either the NIV or ESV BIBLE. 3rd would probably be Colossians and then the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, & Luke). These are just personal preferences…


Brian S. from GA asks: “I recently was hired at my home church as the new youth pastor. What advice would you give me starting out in ministry?”

KNOW, INVEST, HONOR & PREACH… Know your calling & identity is in Christ. Invest in your leaders, invest in good mentors & honor your pastor & the vision! Preach Jesus – 2 Cor. 4:5

Q&A Part 2
 | Q&A Part 3 are now up also… check it out!

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