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Dancing in the River

1 Aug , 2015  

11 months ago I resigned my position at a great church in Tennessee, that I was a part of for 19 months. And since then I have been apart of a long search to get back to what I love, ministering to young people at the right church. Through moments of faithfully waiting on the Lord, this season of transition & preparation, had its share of emotional roller-coasters, questioning – Are we there yet? and seeking the will of the Lord for myself. Lots of internal battles of uncertainty, loneliness, fear, lack of calling/giftedness and overwhelming tiredness that only my closest friends know. The feeling of not wanting to go to church or even pray (and I love both)… plus the weight of needing constant encouragement. I am super thankful for so many people who absolutely believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. With that, I share this moment and announcement with them, for it was them who kept pushing me forward, even despite of their own (good or positive) desires/wishes for me. I still believe in the promises of God… the calling he placed in my life over 12 years ago and the hope that what he promised, he’s faithful to complete.

With all this being said, I am elated to officially announce that I’ve found a church the Lord has called me towards in this next season. I have accepted a role @ The River Church in Kalamazoo, MI to become their new Student Pastor – Youth & College Pastor. I will be relocating to this new city at the end of August, and anticipate the Lord doing marvelous things in and through us. The River is a growing, life-giving church with a lot of passion for Jesus and for their community. I had a chance to meet with their Lead Pastor, Rob Link and the rest of the leadership. Spent a few days with them here in Atlanta and flew up to Michigan to spend the Weekend with the Church.


As I step in this new role, I will be leading & overseeing all the ministries to 6-12th grade as my main focus; then leading and providing oversight of the college & young adults ministry; recruiting, training & leading a team of staff, interns & volunteers leaders (adults & students), a ministry to parents and finally creating a fun/engaging Christ-centered, creative and outward-focus (generous living/service) to young people. In order to transition properly, I will be partnering up with the current Student Pastor, Dan Smith, for the next 3 months. This will help me get the culture and DNA of the River, while developing community and leading. Like with anything new, there are huge steps of faith on both parties; huge step for me to relocate to a new city/region/climate and pastor at a growing inner city church (900+ attendance) and for The River Church to bring in a new staff pastor to pastor their young people. I would love your support (prayers, encouragements, etc) as we move forward. This is my prayer, that God would revive his wonderful fame/deeds (Habakkuk 3:2) in us as we have an expectancy of Him (Luke 8:40, Ephesians 3:16-20) as we live out the Gospel.


“It’s in the place of obscurity where Jesus develops you… the real you!” – Pastor Jason Laird


This scripture has wrecked & pierced me this entire for the last 6 months.. “Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.” – Psalm 105:19 /// with all the dreams in my heart and promises over my life, I am still in the waiting stage till the Lord fulfill them BUT he is testing and teaching me about my character. What you do between the Promise and the Payoff is absolutely critical. How will you be found during the meantime of obscurity & greatness?


Pastor Corey


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Mid-Summer Mind Dump

25 Jul , 2015  


A lot has happened since I last gave you a mad dump.. So here we go: 

  1. Started a regular job (in January) working with my cousin. This has allowed me to stay financially healthy while doing Ministry. Also afforded me the opportunity to get my own car!!! 
  2. Have spent most of the last 10 months focused on me and Jesus.. The Lord has been redefining some key things in my life such as Hope, Faith, Surrender and Joy. Can not express in the right words how important this season has been to my life and ministry. Times just listening to podcasts, studying scripture and times of prayer/worship.
  3. For me community is everything… it keeps me out of my head (thinking negatively) and keeps me focus on what matters most – God’s people. “Community is only built when you intentional invest in others and have a give/take mentality.”


  4. Had some speaking engagements in February and May. Also did some traveling to TN and Michigan. I joined our Board of Advisors at my current church, Gateway Church in Suwanee GA. I absolutely love these people and call them family.
  5. Was offered a FT Student Pastor position at a church and I have accepted.. More info coming later next week, with an official announcement. I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs excited about this ministry and the opportunity to lead a movement of young people. 
  6. Lastly, I am working on my first book project. I am in the initial phase and process ideas/concept. More to come soon! i am really excited about t

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Big News & Announcements Coming…

18 Jul , 2015   Gallery

Some new blogs and announcements coming.. Can’t wait! Stay tune! #JesusFocused #TheRiver #NewSeason

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27 Jun , 2015  

Had this song on repeat while walking.. Got me thinking how much I need the Lord to Breathe on the desires of my heart and promises over my life. I’m at the constant need of his tender breath freely blowing and whispering my name. Even our World needs his breath to fall afresh again!! I was thinking about Ezekiel 37 and Habakkuk 3:2. WE NEED REVIVAL!!! #BreathOfGod #Revival #Walking #TookALap #InWrathRememberMercy

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Art by JKey

19 May , 2015   Gallery

Absolutely love this piece by my brother and dear friend @pastorjohnathan!!! I remember when he did this last year… And now he has gifted it to me! Can’t wait to hang this up in my next office. #Friendship #EarlyBirthdayPresent #family

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Worship & Prayer


24 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Prayer has the power to make ordinary men and women, extraordinary!!! Will you pray?? #JesusFocused #JesusFocusedProject #YourPrayersMatters #stumin

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New Project – A Jesus Focused Life

23 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Can’t wait to release more information on this!!! #JesusFocused #JesusFocusedProject #ComingSoon #stumin

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Worth It All

27 Mar , 2015  

Love this song… The Lord is faithful!!! Keep seeking, keep believing, keep dreaming. It will be all worth it, soon! #stumin #JesusFocused #WorthItAll #Worship

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Needed Reminder – Stay the Course

22 Mar , 2015   Gallery

A needed reminder /// #Repost @pjon…
Don’t you love how a timely Word brings life & courage to keep going & keep being faithful? #doitagain #staythecourse

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11 Feb , 2015  

I wonder if we miss the miraculous because we fail/unwilling to do the ridiculous.

Jordan Sharrett on Ridiculous Obedience 2/10/15

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